Monday, December 5, 2016

Other Media Review: Burrito Bison Launcha Libre

Many years ago, I was a regular player of browser-based Flash games through websites like Addicting Games, Newgrounds, and Kongregate.  One of the games I especially enjoyed was a distance-launcher game called Burrito Bison.  The premise was a bit goofy: the titular character was a Luchador whose normal day of shopping is interrupted when he’s kidnapped to a land of living gummy bears and thrown into a wrestling ring against candy-themed wrestlers.  The gameplay was launching B.B. from the ring (ideally hitting the opponent for a speed bonus) to bounce off gummy bears to try and reach the portal home.
Some time later, the game creators, Juicy Beast, released a sequel where Burrito Bison returns to the candy world to retrieve his stolen wallet.  I played both games to completion, found them to be highly enjoyable, and moved on with my life.
A few days ago, I was browsing the Google Play store on my phone and stumbled across a new entry in the Burrito Bison series, subtitled Launcha Libre.  It’s an all-new game with the core mechanics adjusted for a touch screen and with additions like new characters and typical free-to-play elements.